When is Spring Equinox 2019 | First Day of Spring Facts

Spring Equinox Definition: Spring Equinox is actually that incident when the Sun happens to be above the equator or it crosses the celestial equator in the case of September equinox. The Spring Equinox when takes place it is considered to be the begging of the spring season, and it later sets out the ground for the whole year.

Here we would discuss the various aspects of the Spring equinox which is going to take place on the 20th March next year.

First Day of Spring 2019

Spring is known to be the delighted season of the year as it comes after the chilly winter season, which really seems so harsh over all of us. Spring brings very soothing changes in the climate for all of us, which more of seems like a fresh beginning of life. It is quite wondering for all of us to conceive that from when exactly the season of spring actually takes place.

Well, the first day of the spring or the spring in itself is said to be taking place from the first day of the spring equinox, which takes place from around the 20 March each year. This day is said and known to be the official begging of the spring for the concerned year.

This period actually begins from March 20 and goes on until the June 21, which is known as the solstice June. The period after the 21st June is said to be a period of summer which goes on later until September. So, as to answering the question the official period of the spring is actually from the 20 March to June 21.

When is The Spring Equinox 2019

Well, this is one of the most discussed subjects by the people who are interested in the changes of weather seasons and know the actual reasoning behind that. Spring Equinox is the part of the equinox which actually takes place only two times in a year.

The first equinox which is called as the Spring Equinox takes place in the month of the summer and leads all of us from the winter to the spring. It is also known as the official beginning of the spring, and the second Equinox takes place in the month of September and it leads us from the summer to the winter back again.

Well in the year 2019 the Happy spring equinox is going to take its place on the on the March 20 which is also known as the Vernal Equinox. The Spring Equinox will actually last from March 20 to June 21, and this period is celebrated as the period of spring for the concerned year.

The spring equinox brings many changes in the day such as you will see the immediate changes in the daylight, which will get longer in the comparison of the night which is opposite before the spring equinox.

The day of the equinox is the only day on earth when the South and the North planet gets an equal proportion of day and night which is 12:12.

Spring Equinox 2019 Date

March 21 – Thursday

Well, the date of the spring equinox is considered to be significant due to the varieties of the reasons, and the most important reason of those is that it decides the official beginning of the spring for the year.

In other words, it can be said that the easter spring equinox actually sets the roadmap for the whole year since it decides the beginning and the end of the various seasons falling in a particular year.

In the year of 2019, the spring equinox is going to fall on the 20 March just like the last year, and we get the 20 March as the spring Equinox date for the majority of the years. The spring equinox brings the pleasant season of Spring with it which actually last until June 21.

From this period onwards the begging of the summer takes place and it stays in the existence until the next Equinox, hence it can be easily said that the Equinox is one such incident, which decides the happening of the various seasons in a particular year.

10 Interesting Facts About Spring Equinox

Here we are providing you the list of 10 best facts about the Spring Equinox.

The spring equinox is treated in a different way in the different parts of the Globe. In the Northern hemisphere when the spring equinox is considered to be the arrival of the spring on the official notes.

On the other hand in the Southern hemisphere, the spring equinox is considered to bringing the arrival of the autumn and the same scenario could vary from the one part of the Globe to the other.

Second Equinox of the Year

We know that there fall two types of the equinox in which the first falls in the month of the march and second takes places in the month of September. The second equinox falls at the fixed date of the 22nd September each year.

Scientific Sign of the Spring Arrival 

Yes, it may sound absurd to you but the scientists use the first sign of the March equinox as the first sign for the arrival of the spring. This period of spring is considered to be ended at the end of the June and this is when the astronomical summer begins on the other hand.

In the Northern, hemisphere, the period of spring is considered to be from the 3 weeks before the March equinox which starts from March 1 and it ends on the may 31.

The Cultural Values

In the various cultures of the world, people celebrate the whole day of the 1st March as the spring equinox which is different from the scientific facts. In the facts of science, the spring equinox pagan actually begins at that particular moment when, the celestial equator is actually crossed by the Sun which is an imaginary line found above the equator of the earth.

Dates of The Equinox Can Actually Vary 

Yes the date of the equinox can actually vary it is not always bound to happen on the 21. If we talk about the facts then we can easily analyze it that it has been only twice when the Equinox has actually taken place on 21st March in this century which was previously in the year of 2003 and 2007.

The next time the equinox will take place on the 21st March in the year of 2101 which would be a next century hence the dates of the equinox can actually vary. Basically, it can be said that the march equinox can take place at any date between the 19, 20 and the 21st March.

Concept of Equal Day And the Night 

This is one of the most special fact about the equinox that this particular day is said to be having an equal day and the night. It is indeed a fact that on this day the earth actually has the same length of the day and the night which are both 12/12 hours. The name equinox actually conveys the same meaning in the Latin language as the equal day and the night.

The More Daylight Places 

Well, it is a fact as mentioned above that the majority of the places in the Globe has the equal length of the day and the night during the equinox, but it not the valid concept for all the places in the world.

You will find many places in the World where during the equinox the earth happens to have the more amount of the sunlight than the Night and it happens because of the refraction of sunlight over such places.

The Day When the Egg Can be Balanced?

Well, it’s quite amusing but the most spread misconception that an egg can be balanced perfectly on the equinox day. As we have said that it is purely a misconception, which was spread on the baseless facts.

There is no magical thing with this day that it can be termed as the perfect day for balancing an egg, yet some majority of the people believe in it. Well, it is not the case my friend as you can balance the egg on any given day if you just try it being fully diligent.

Spring Equinox Celebration 

Yes, the equinox is celebrated around the world by those people who are actually and factually aware about it. In fact, there is a wide number of the people who actually wait for this day to witness the changes in the day which is said to be as having the equal day and the night. We would say that you also should witness this day and the changes that it brings with itself.

The Fairy Who Comes Out To Rescue 
This is yet another mythology which is spread around the world and in this mythology, it is believed that on the day of equinox there appears a fairy who takes care of the nature such as the forest.

Spring Equinox 2019 Date

She communicates to the nature beings and heals the ones which are wounded such as the drought lake or the sick tree. Well believe it or not but this is how it is believed by the million of the people around the world.