Spring Equinox Rituals and Traditions

To know Spring Equinox rituals we should know the ‘Equinox’. the word equinox is derived from Latin word which means equal night and equal day. Equinox is the time which has equal length of day and night, not exactly equal but it is approximately equal. The spring is the season which occurs after winter in the mid of the February.

It indicates the end of winter and the beginning of summer. Spring equinox is celebrated in the northern hemisphere mainly. as spring is also known as the season of prosperity and happiness. It is also called vernal equinox.

It occurs in the northern hemisphere in the first week of March in 2017. In winter season creature use to live on the earth become underground they don’t want to come out during winters because of cold, then after this long winter night spring brings bright yellow sun this cause new beginning of all creatures on the earth. Different colors of flower blossoms, birds start chirping.

People who use to wear a heavy sweater and jackets, and start to wear light and bright clothes. it seems a new cycle of life has started. This new beginning of life and renewal of all creatures makes spring special for us, so to celebrate this new version of creatures we have some rituals to celebrate special spring.

Rituals are some symbolic behaviors which we perform during any particular event for a significant purpose. there is a different kind of rituals performed indifferent culture and religion. Every person has different kind of traditions and culture which indicate their thought, feeling and behaviours.

This day of spring equinox brings our sun back to us which remove darkness from our life and bring light back. due to this light, we feel very light from inside. It makes us very calm. To Welcome this joyful season people use to perform some rituals.

Spring Equinox Rituals Around The World

  • Alter Creation
  • Open Space Ceremony
  • Sun Salutation
  • Planting Seeds
  • Writing And Sharing Dreams
  • Rising With Sun
  • Clean Yourself

Altar Celebration: Gather the people of your community and have breakfast and lunch with them in open space this is the sweetest way to remember the divine or God. There are so many ways of this celebration, the picnic is the best way to celebrate this, can go for a picnic with your relatives and friend. and enjoy the beauty of nature in open space with donates and sweets and try to connect yourself with the natural feel the slow wind and bright sun.

Open Space Ceremony:-Try to create a sacred space, thank nature for protecting us. And thank your ancestors and people who guided you in your life, give a big thanks to our earth, the earth used to give each and everything for our survival. Thank them and ask to open up sacred space. wait for a while and then declare your channel open.

 Writing And Sharing Dreams:-Gather your friends and write your dreams and speak those which you want to create in spring. Spring is all about creation, this is the season of the blossom of flower sprouting seed share, this season will blossom your dream too. We feel closer to our dream when we share it.

Sun Salutation:-Sun Salutation is different types of positions which we at the time of yoga and ” Surya Namashkaar”. This is also done during meditation. These movements which are done during this salutation it will keep our whole body and mind active and calm.

Planting Seeds:-Planting seed is not simply to plant any seed. It defines your intentions behind planting seeds. Whether you are planting this seed with a positive thought or negative thoughts, Your upcoming flower and fruits depend on that particular thought which comes during plantation.

Rising With Sun: Try to rise with the sun the next morning and say thank you to the sun for giving such a beautiful morning. It will show your gratitude toward the sun. And you will feel the warmth of the sun.

Clean Yourself:-Try to clean your inner self and cleaning your home and surrounding is not enough. Try to clean that part of your life which became old fashioned try to renew those things.

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